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Here at Eel River Decker Rat Terriers Kennel we are specializing in the Decker line of the Rat Terriers. We will have 1-2 litters each year. We strive to breed high percentage Deckers working hard to keep the original Deckers traits the Milton Decker cherished. These are fabulous dogs that can be used for hunting, companionship, & a really great family pet.

We bought are first Deckers from Kim Seegmiller & another from Kathy Treacy. Thanks!!! We were so impressed by there versatility & prey drive at an early age for a hunting dog. They are very loyal & loving, have a majestic stance & are very patient with my kids.

Other traits that I notice, they are not as hyper as other terriers, does not bark very much, low shed and very clean loving mothers. So we decided that everyone should have a chance to enjoy this wonderful breed. Of course only to wonderful responsible forever homes.

We are located in Northern California wine country nestled in the Eel River Valley and across from Eagle Peak. We own a small family business named Tri-Valley Paints. We supply automotive paint and supplies to body shops and the do it yourselfers. We have one store in Ukiah and one in Lakeport.

You can also visit the   NRTA website  and read up on the Deckers. You can purchase the book "The Decker Rat Terrier" by Eli Brown directly from the   writer   or from any book company as I did before I purchased my dogs.

Please feel free to contact me for further information, by just emailing   Carrie Dailey  or by calling me at   707-743-2914   or   707-272-2879. Our mailing address is: Carrie Daily, Pob #215, Potter Valley, CA 95469

Sincerely, Carrie


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